Maximize your online sales, minimize your returns.

Revolutionize your online business with ShoppyFit, the AI technology to provide accurate measurements and personalized shopping experience, with virtual try-on and AI stylist expert assistant features, resulting in fewer returns and increased sales for your online business.

Discover the future of online clothing shopping with the revolutionary tool that uses AI to provide your customers with a personalized and hassle-free shopping experience.

Personalized Size and Shape Recommendations

Our tool provides your customer with their body measurements and recommend best-fit size and shape recommendations.

Virtual Try-On

Your customers can see how clothing looks and fits on their bodies before making a purchase to ensure a perfect fit and a flattering look.

Real 3D Model Generation

We create a real 3D model for your customers bodies to demonstrate how clothing will look and fit in real life.

AI Fashion Assistant

Our AI-powered fashion expert assistant provides personalized style recommendations to help customers find the perfect outfit and look their best.

Accurate Measurements

With an impressive 95% accuracy rate, our tool can measure the body from just two photos, providing precise recommendations for the perfect fit every time.

E-commerce Plarforms

Shoppyfit tool is easily integrated with all types of e-commerce platform such as shoppify, wordpress, and wix.

Products Filtering

Customers can filter the products in the store by size, fit, and other relevant criteria, making it easier for them to find clothes that fit them.

Suggestions for alternative clothes

If a customer is not able to find clothes that fit them in the store, the tool will suggest them other clothes that may fit them according to their measurements.

Easy to use

Customers can take their measurements in the comfort of their own home by their phones and use them to shop for clothes online with confidence.

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Enhance Your Customers' Shopping Experience with a Revolutionary Virtual Try-On

Transform the online shopping experience for your customers with ShoppyFit's revolutionary virtual Try-On. Our advanced technology provides accurate size and fitting recommendations, while the virtual try-on feature allows customers to see how clothing looks and fits on their body in real-time.

  • Provide a unique and convenient shopping experience that sets your store apart from competitors
  • Boost customer confidence and reduce returns with real Virtual Try-On
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction with the ultimate convenience of a virtual fitting room experience

ShoppyFit Demo Store

ShoppyFit Demo Store ShoppyFit Demo Store

Minimize your returns, and build shopper confidence and loyalty to your brand

Decrease clothing return and increase return on investment

When your customers are confident in their size choices they make fewer returns. For every dollar our customers spend on ShoppyFit, they get 15 dollars of value in return.


Help your customers get the right fit from the first time and let them shop with confidence

When your customers get the right fit and the perfect size from the first try, this will boost fit confidence which drives your customers to buy more of the right size for their unique body size and shape.

ShoppyFit plugin is compatible with top e-commerce platforms

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